Chairman's Message

The State of Qatar has transformed itself from promising to proven. The nation’s longstanding focus on leading sustainable growth has allowed a wide variety of sectors to thrive and achieve continuous development. At Al Sawari Holding, we take pride in tackling the challenges of building a diversified portfolio that will actively contribute to Qatar’s growth.

Our driving forces have been our relentless strive for innovation, expertise, and enhanced efficiency. Guided by the values entrusted in us since our establishment, we are determined to continue working and setting ourselves to move further and uncover new opportunities for further business development. 

Being active in a wide range of industries, we seek to deliver superior products and services in all the sectors we operate. We count on our highly qualified and experienced team and our consistency in performing in accordance to high international standards in order to exceed client’s expectations and expand towards win-win collaborations.

Al Sawari Holding is determined to become a global leader in all segments positively impacted by its portfolio of products and services. To support this long-term strategy, we are constantly seeking to partner with world class organizations that can contribute to this journey.

We are proud of our recent achievements and passionate about the promising opportunities to play a proactive role in fostering the country´s successful approach to growth through economic diversification.

(Sheikh Turki Bin Faisal Al Thani)